Are you bored with your job? Is your work under-valued? Are you actively seeking new employment – or just wondering if you should?

It’s time you looked into The Source. More than a full service career management firm, we help you imagine and design the career of your dreams. Then we help you make it a reality. And if next year, or five years from now, you find yourself ready to try a new direction, we will help you re-imagine your future – again.

Taking more than 50 years of collective business and career management experience, our seasoned professionals will help you objectively assess your situation, including where you are, where you have been, and most importantly, where you want to be now . . . and in the future. Using our proprietary learning, assessment and career discovery and design process, including Career Launcher® software, you make a plan, work the plan, market yourself and enjoy the success you deserve.

Just like you, every member of The Source consulting team has unique strengths and areas of expertise. We work along with you as a highly specialized team. You work with The Source the way authors work with literary agents or actors with talent agents. We meet. We talk. You decide if The Source is the right fit for your career. And we decide if you are right for our process. In the end – it’s a win for everyone.

It’s all in the “Capital Investments”

To imagine and design your career, you must start by examining your job history – roles, responsibilities, assignments, projects and promotions you have experienced over time. By developing this snapshot of your career path you discover (confirm?) where you are today. Is your career advancing, holding steady or declining?

Do you know? How do you know? What are your goals? How do you set goals and measure success? You will find some of these answers by evaluating the investments you have made in your Career Capital, the cumulative value of your human, intellectual, social, and structural capital. Your career capital is the largest income-producing intangible asset you own.

Most individuals do best in the employment markets by finding what are referred to as ‘unadvertised’ openings, positions that are about to become available or positions that could be created. The rewards are great for the job hunter who can find these unique situations.

Career Capital

Embracing the concept requires you to manage it as an investor, the same way you manage your wealth. More than just buzz words, understanding and leveraging your “Capital Investments” will make the difference in your success.

Human Capital

The sum of your talents, education, accomplishments, skills, strengths, abilities, experience, personality, reputation, credentials and behavior as they relate to your career.

Intellectual Capital

The ideas, improvements, inventions, insights, and innovations that you have created, developed and applied to add value for any company, product, or service that you own.

Social Capital

That intangible, immeasurably valuable asset you gain by cultivating and working your network. Social Capital includes the relationships, trust, reputation and likeability that you have built along the way. Used and invested wisely, just as you would money, you may find the ROI surprisingly high.

Structural Capital

The sum of your talents, education, accomplishments, skills, strengths, abilities, experience, personality, reputation, credentials and behavior as they relate to your career.

The Source Will Help in Carefully Developing Options

The Source operates with the goals of the individual in mind. Thousands of executives and professionals have gained control of their careers and have charted new growth opportunities using The Source.

The Source will provide you and your job campaign with a real competitive advantage in this changing, challenging, and complex job market. The Source team has identified, and we are experts in overcoming the following shortcomings that may actually limit or handicap a successful job search:

  • No Direction
  • Insufficient Research
  • Rigid implementation
  • Poor follow-up & Time Management
  • Narrow vision
  • Over-standardization

The Source has a great record of success especially with individuals who are senior executives, mid-level managers, engineers, entrepreneurs, sales and marketing professionals, financial services professionals, and/or individuals pursuing equity, start-up opportunities, partnerships or those seeking new and challenging operational positions.

The Source will develop personalized blueprints for you that will:

  • Explore, define and refine your skills, talents, priorities and career possibilities.
  • Formulate the right decisions about career direction, examining all options, including “out-of -the-box” thinking, identifying your new opportunities.
  • Search out the right career situation tailored to your abilities, needs and aspirations in a timely manner that will be personally, professionally and financially rewarding.
  • Create and conduct an effective job-search campaign in a focused, well-conceived and organized fashion, while operating quickly and efficiently.
  • Identify the key decision-makers in targeted organizations.
  • Introduce you to the marketplace in the most creative, advantageous manner possible.

Coach and guide you through this difficult stressful experience with our highly individualized and successful “full service” marketing and career development program.

Is your career advancing, holding steady or declining?